Kia Ora ! Hello and Welcome to KiaOra Produce!

We are a young company focused in bringing and wholesaling the best and finest New Zealand food for the Filipino Epicurean. We are all about sourcing of ground-breaking produce from New Zealand to excite the palate of the growing number of Filipino Foodies who wants nothing less than food that are healthy, real and naturally nutritious.

Our vision is to enable sustainable and healthy eating, inspiring balanced and nutritious eating habits through continues promotion and education. We are foodies, adventurous and  passionate in eating well and healthy and we want to build a family and a community that will embrace our journey of eating well and feeling good. And we work with brands that reflect our same beliefs and principles.

We are excited to grow and develop deep relationships with Foodies in the Philippines who like us are focusing on eating well and staying healthy.

"Kia Ora" is an expression in the Māori language, and simple means "hello". Literally translated it has a meaning of

"be well or healthy".

To be the best peanut butter brand in the world

Fix & Fogg has global aspirations.

It’s a huge dream, but one which inspires its founders and will inspire the people involved with the brand throughout its aspirational journey.

This is a pioneering journey, an adventure to explore the world and take our customers on a journey with us. It’s bold, it’s fearless. It speaks to the spirit of adventure in all of us.


Natural ingredients and bold flavours that will knock your socks off!

Founded on the simple premise that if something is good for you it should taste good, and if it tastes good it should be good for you. Blue Frog Breakfasts are a blend of carefully sourced, all natural ingredients, put together in ways that will knock your socks off.

Boldly following our hearts and breaking the rules, Bring back the Bling to your Breakfast!

At Blue Frog we boldly​ ​follow our hearts​ and break the rules. No one else in the world is doing what we do – putting thousand dollar a kilo probiotic in breakfasts; sourcing groundbreaking ingredients from across the globe; and seeing old favourites in a new light. The honest truth is we just like to bring joy and a little bit of magic into our food and into the lives of people all around the world.


J. Friend & Co was created to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan beekeeper. We want to introduce food lovers to the complex flavours of vintage honey, a taste experience without equal. J.Friend & Company produces Single Origin Honey.

Like coffee, chocolate or wine, time and place affect the flavour, texture and colour of the honey, giving it its unique character, that is why we never blend honey from different regions, beekeeper, floral source or vintage.

We salute all the beekeeeper's commitment and celebrate the work of New Zealand's bees.